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Kedai Kopi Analog at Tarakan

I was on my working trip to Tarakan, when I saw a notification an instagram account called ‘kedaikopianalog‘ followed me. More surprising, it was a cafe in Tarakan which I haven’t heard about before. So I guess it is a new cafe.

That afternoon after I arrived at Tarakan, I asked my cousin whether he already knew the cafe, and he seemed surprised too, and tried to phone the number written on the instagram account. The cafe would be opened at 4 pm, but later at 3 pm the owner called back and said that the cafe has opened.

The cafe is located at Karang Anyar (well, since I am not a native citizen, please do call the number to ask for detail 🙂 ). We found the place quite easily based on the descriptions given. Entering the cafe, it was shocked me that actually I recognized the owner, Mas Ari 😀 such a coincidence.


First, the uniqueness of this cafe, as said in its name, the process is mostly in manual, done by hands of the baristas. Well, the grinding was done by Latina N600. But, beside that, , it is all done manually (and yes, they also do their own roasting too).

Second, this cafe (until i wrote this post) don’t serve cake or dessert. Because, as said by Mas Ari, this cafe is an idealist cafe for those who really want to taste the real coffee, not just ‘sachet coffee’. So we bought some cakes near the cafe and bring those here. In Tarakan, as I can see, this kind of cafe did not exist before, so I can say that this cafe is the pioneer in serving great coffee, combined with the Baristas who really understand coffee beans and the processes (my cousin was having good time here hahaha asking/chit-chatting about coffee and so on).

Beans available here

If you come here, there is some sequence you can follow to enjoy your coffee, which is written in the blackboard in photo above. (1) Pick the beans you want. (2) Pick the brew method. (3) Pick the style, whether Asia Style or Western Style lol.

Chemex used for brewing

Hand Prepared Espresso by Mas Ari

Cafe Latte

For the first time, we both tried Toraja Sapan as recommended by the owner. My cousin choose Chemex with ice, while I enjoyed my hot Cafe Latte.

Caramel Latte

Second time we went there at Sunday afternoon, we tried different options. My cousin went with Aceh Bergendal (which we agreed it taste like Chinese Herbal Medicine hahaha) and me still with Milk-Based Caramel Latte (yes, they cooked the caramel sauce by themselves!). While chit-chatting, Mas Ari also served us Gayo P88 to try. It’s a sweet coffee (which we have been explained that the sweetness came in our tongue afterwards, because when we tried, we thought that the taste was sour haha).

Toraja Sapan and Lintong Beans

It such a rare cafe where the owner know well about the coffee beans and the process to deliver the great coffee (well, I have also just tried another one on in Surabaya, next post then haha). Definitely will go back there while working in Tarakan.