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#420: 27th Task of 30DLBL Challenge ~ Letting Go

This task is related to letting go something that prevent us achieving our goals we set before. Sometimes, to go forward more quickly, you need to be as light as possible, to make sure that you have bring the most essential with you, and leave behind the least essential things that just burden yourself.

Well, letting go something, especially if it is our habit, is not very easy. Other things that not easy to let go for , for me, is a mental block. A mental block is something that block your potential. I illustrate the mental block like this. Imagine yourself as a frog. Then, a mental block as box surrounding you. No matter how hard you try, as long as the upperside of the box is there, you will never be able to jump higher, unless you are able to break that box/mental block.

However, mental blocks are often caused by something that traumatized us, but we do not conscious about it. For example, when you are a little kid, your mother always said Don’t do this, Don’t do that. Maybe, when you grow up, you will be a man that is unlikely to try uncertain and new things, because your mother never let you to do that, and a mental block has been built inside yourself, that trying new things is dangerous. Well, that is just an example.

So, this task is more to let anything that have a potential to block us from achieving our goals.

The complete article by Celes is here.

Your Task: Letting Go

Start on a new page of your 30DLBL workbook. On top, write “Things I’m Letting Go From Today”

  1. Look at the life goals that you set on Day 6, as well as your vision board.
  2. Think about the Future You who will be achieving these goals in X years (whereby X is set by you)
    • How will he/she be like? Envision him/her as clearly as possible.
    • Think about his/her personality, lifestyle, beliefs, thinking patterns, routines, the people he/she will be with, the friends he/she will have, the relationship he/she will be in, and more.
  3. Now, look back at your current self. Is there anything about the present you and your life that’s preventing you from becoming your ideal self right away? Write all of them down.
    • Refer to the list earlier in the post for ideas.
  4. Look at what you wrote for #3. Are you ready to start letting go of these things as you become your ideal self?

What I Want to Let Go

  • my shyness, that avoid me to become more proactive in this life
  • procrastination
  • easily give up
  • lack of confidence
  • materialism, always think about my future, my wealth
  • afraid of my future, afraid to choose my right path
  • disappointment to lack of research fund, that may cancel my will to attend seminar in China this year
  • My love life that been failed all this time 🙂
  • every clutter in my desk, in my house.. Should repeat and plan the decluttering task more effectively and routinely.
  • Afraid that my books are not too good. But, i should start writing rather than thinking about the result first.
  • My fitness level that quite awful in the past. Hopefully i can increase it.
  • any lost, lose in competition i’ve ever followed..
  • and another things

Well, that’s some stuff i want to let go, in order to make my life better. 🙂