#419: 22th of DLBL Challenge- Advice from Future Self

This is the post of the 22th task of DLBL Challenge, which is to get advice from our future self.

So, just imagine yourself in the next 1 year, come from future with time machine, give you some advice so that you will be a better person. Such a nice exercise then. Maybe, the advice you will get is the best advice in the world. Why ? simply, because it just yourself in the future, with the better experience from you right now, but still, he/she knew yourself better as he/she have ever lived like that.

Well, this is the task copied from official DLBL blog on 22th post.

Your Task: Advice Yourself as Your Future Self

Flip to a new page in your 30DLBL workbook. On top, write “My Advice from My Future Self”. Write down today’s date.

  1. Imagine yourself as the Future You, 1 year from now. You’ve traveled from the future to speak to yourself, to offer important advice to put you on your path to be the best you can be.
    • Project the Future You as a separate person, standing before you, in full corporeal form.
    • Visualize how you’ll be like, as vividly as possible, from looks to aura. How are you like? What’s your personality like?
    • Imagine yourself as more mature, more conscious, calmer, more rooted. Imagine yourself as wiser, more knowledgeable, because you’ve after all, lived for a year longer, and seen how the 1 year has panned out. You possess knowledge that others don’t have; knowledge of the future which has yet to unfold before us.
    • Imagine you as the guru, the go-expert for living your best life. As the Future You, you have already achieved all the 1-year goals that you’ve set from before, and in fact much more. Your 1-year goals pale in comparison to all that you’ve become, all that you’ve achieved.
    • As you do this, you might find that your consciousness suddenly becomes heightened. It’s normal – soak in the feeling.
  2. As your Future You, now look at the Present You.
    • Assess yourself objectively – your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state. You would know this; you were here before just 1 year ago.
  3. Talk to Present You and share your best advice. Answer the following questions and write down the answers.
    1. Are your current actions going to bring you to the future you desire?
    2. What are the things you should continue doing?
    3. What should you start doing differently?
    4. What advice would you like to give yourself?
    5. What are the biggest things your Present Self should do from now on to live your life to the fullest?
  4. As you answer the questions in #3, feel the Present You shifting in your mental state, almost like it’s becoming more like the Future You. With each advice you give, an incremental shift occurs. By the time you’re done, you should feel as though both of you are exact same individuals, with the same awareness and consciousness. There’s nothing that separates both of you now, except for the space between you.
  5. When you’re done, have both the Future you and the Present you thank each other. Imagine him/her now coming into your body and merging with you. There’s a sea of light that engulfs the whole room. When that’s done, that’s one You that’s left.

My Future Self Talking

imagine the black one is my present self asking, and my future self answering in blue color.

1. Are your current actions going to bring you to the future you desire?

Yes it will. Right now, you have made some decisions that will lead you toward your goals. But, please do not hesitate too much or leave away some good chances. Whenever you will get chance to move forward to get your goals closer, just take it. Of course, with consideration of your activities on that time.

2. What are the things you should continue doing?

Prepare yourself to every goals you have planned. You yourself plan it before, so, you must be the one who finished them. Plan carefully, and you will get the maximum result you can achieve. Continue to chase your dream, your vision board. But be open minded too, since maybe some changes will need to be taken to get a better life.

3. What should you start doing differently?

The way you finish/do your work. I think, you waste your time so much, because of the procrastination. It’s okay if sometimes, you need to take a break, to procrastinate. But, do remember the 80/20 rule, and make sure you fulfill your 20% important times first. I don’t ask you to be a robot that always working to achieve the goals. But, if you keep continue like the present, you won’t be able to achieve the maximum potential of yours.

4. What advice would you like to give yourself?

– Reduce your procrastination time. Follow the 80/20 plan, and make sure the 20% bring 80% or more significant result.
– Don’t easily give up or leave away some good chances!
– Plan carefully and nicely. But, REMEMBER TO ACT BASED ON YOUR PLAN TOO. Plan is said to be the 50% work done. But, if you never act, they will never be 100% work done.

5. What are the biggest things your Present Self should do from now on to live your life to the fullest?

Live with the strongest will to achieve our Vision Board. Visualize and imagine your wonderful vision board, and try to achieve them.

Well, this kind of exercise quite strange for me LoL. But, i guess, it’s still okay 🙂