Daily Life

#315 : New Week again

yeah.. another week.. wew..

saturday : there was a Puzzle and Logic Challenge in my univ.. 1st and 2nd winner were from Frateran, 3rd from Sinlui.. congrats to the winners.. the event started at ard 8 am and finished at 4 pm.. well such a good competition, especially the final.. really2 interesting.. in the evening, went to TP.. bought a new novel, The Ghost..

sunday : had a morning fitness session ^^.. then as usual, music practice.. but there was a news, that all the concert next week will be cancelled.. hoho.. so, quite relaxing Chinese New Year (CNY)..

monday : did re-design of cadenza software.. well, a lot change, better and ‘harder-to-make’ one.. hehe.. well, okay, i think not re-design, but make a new project.. haha.. yes it’s a fresh new project, not continuing what we’ve done before with the plain forms.. now, every forms is ‘colorful’ ^^.. but it’s worth i think.. because this is really customized, we (as developer) also want to make it special.. so we don’t use any items such ‘SUI’, but we design by ourself.. damn.. so many works to do manually ^^.. a lot of image.. well yesterday, i just able to finished redesign Audition module.. without the coding inside ^^.. but as i have made it before, i think it will be just ‘copy-paste’ the procedure.. yesterday i finished reading ‘The Ghost’.. well such a productive reading day.. 318 pages, in 2 days.. but yesterday was the peak time, finished almost 3/4 part of it.. but i didnt continue watching ‘Charmed’..

today, wake up earlier, ard 4.45 am.. want to do something to my Cadenza Soft.. and i just adding some components to complete the Audition module.. hopefully i can 100% finish the AUdition module today (although today is ‘busier’ than yesterday, due to my training session and mandarin course ^^).. all i need to do is just adding the code hohoho..

ow yeah, i think, wake up ard 4-5 am really made me remember all the ‘Pekan Kampus’ thing… isn’t it  ? haha.. the sky transform from darkness into bright sky.. well, so fresh, relieving, i guess.. for me personally.. i love being on very early morning.. but of course, i compensate it with quite early sleeping the night before.. i sleep ard 10-11 pm now.. it’s quite ‘early’ compared to my usual habit, ard 12 pm – 1 am.. hohoho.. well, i see myself as people who have peak time at the waking up time, not in the ‘want-to-sleep’ time.. hehe.. besides, now, in the evening, my body seems really tired after 8-5 at school.. so, for me, better sleep early and wake up early, with fully charged body in the morning ^^..