Daily Life

#314 : Weekend

wew.. it’s already another weekend again.. and we’ve got only 2 more weekend before the 6th semester started T_T..

just dreamt about my niece and nephew in Trk.. well i do think i miss them.. really miss them.. wew..

yesterday (friday) : had another training session in Gym.. and when my trainer input my data, just shocked that the computer using Mic Access 97.. OMG.. 12 years never change the version.. hohoho.. then @ school, waiting for the final rehearsal.. 2 pm – 5 pm. had the last check and trial for PLC today.. there were some unpredictable errors which fortunately could be solved..

in the evening, i didn’t attend my mandarin course.. hoho.. watched 2 ep of Charmed..

and today.. 7 am.. after this, i will go to school.. there is Puzzles and Logic Challenge..

and tonite, i should have reunion with my old friends.. but somehow, all the plan scrambled.. some of them can’t attend the event(and they tell me just yesterday).. why is it so difficult to meet old friends ? ow i don’t know but i think i don’t care too much.. well it’s really cool if we can go together, but it’s just okay if we can’t find the appropriate time between us T_T..