Daily Life

#271 : tiring as usual

as usual, tuesday is the most tiring day of the week this semester (and also for 2nd semester if i’m not mistaken.)

morning wake up 7.30.. wake up with tired body.. not a good deep sleep T_T.. 8 am went to school, set L3 comps deep freezed first.. 8.40 Data Mining subject.. additional assignment.. wew.. let it be..

then consulted my final exam PBO questions -> needed some changes.. then had lunch.. continued with ADS subject till 12.45.. then had second lunch T_T..

Orkom.. OMG completely understood nothing hoho..

followed by DIU.. today’s topic was Skew Correction.. it seems not too difficult.. but it will as it seem until it has been done..

very tiriinggg..

then Mandarin course..

and now, 21.41 .. i intend to sleep earlier.. just a little bit unwell..

btw, 2 of my friends will be very happy nowadays.. their girlfriend went back to Sby ystday and today.. i also want that scene .. hahaha.. but as i am not missing any one so deep, then i think it’s fair enough that nobody miss me so deep too.. yaa, but no problem lar.. ^^ life is just good..