Daily Life

#256 : sunday

well a great super relaxing sunday for me.. hehe..

wake up 7 am.. read news, watched cartoon til 9 am.. then should go to GM, had a dimsum in Orchid.. but what happened ? they hadn’t opened the restaurant.. strange rite.. they said they open at 7.30 from mon-fri.. hmm i think 9 am is the breakfast time rite ?? hehe.. so we (me and my fam) moved to Bu Rudi.. grrr…

11 am fitness – quite a long break after this day.. 2 weeks w/o fitness is enough.. hehe.. should be more dilligent so that my body is not becoming round circle ^^

1 pm – music exercise.. only train 2 songs but yet so many mistakes.. no primary erhu player hehehehe.. because they has their own business.. such a great different of playing level T_T not good at all w/o Rio remembering that he is the primary player.. hehehe..

4.30 am – played dota.. wuhhuuu.. till 7.30 am.. and i was the man of the match again yesterday i guess.. 2 winning strike with the most kills in my hand ^^ peace.. hehehe..

7.30-8.30 – ate Roasted Chicken Rice

8.30 – 10.00 – played again.. hehe

wonderful sunday ^^