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#255 : untitled

hmm nowadays, it becomes quite hard to find a ‘good’ title for some unimportant post ^^ hehe..well just want to tell some of my stories..

Friday : PCD class 8 am, only attended by 7 people.. hmm maybe it was because of the rain.. and also because the lecturer locked down the class after 8.20.. hehehe.. 9 am finished, also told to think over the project to make a digital image enhancement using Fourier Transform T_T.. then 10 am had the first 3DS Max class.. such an embarassing class because we (me, Aris, Dean) came late while now we are in the same class with 3 other people (we had a private class for AutoCAD before).. yeah.. and i think all of us will be late for the rest of the class so let us try to be ‘thick-face’ hehhe.. but yes i do believe that our skill in the end of class has been the same with the earlier ones.. hehe.. the first exercise is to arrange room’s interior..

1 pm, simod class.. mid exam got 50/100.. well i have predicted this kind of mark.. hehe.. no problem lar.. 4 pm played dota.. 6 pm home.. 7 pm mandarin course.. yeah just as usual..

Saturday : been prepared since 9 am at school because we had a plan to attend Autodesk Maya + 3DS Max workshop in THR.. but also as usual, we were late again (1 hr).. although i thought it was not my fault at all.. seriously.. i have been ready since 9 am (workshop was held at 10.30), but if i was picked up at 10.30, then what could i do.. hoho.. but yes, after the workshop and the first class of 3DS the day before, i have been fallen in love with 3D Stuff.. uurrrggghhh.. and what is the effect ? i want to have a new ‘good’ PC.. hehe.. poor my parents.. T_T..well i continue my story first, 4 pm went home from THR,had a nap.. 7 pm went to Galaxy <so crowded.. OMG> to watch computer exhibition.. but i could say that i was dissapointed because nowadays, comp exhibition = laptop exh, rarely we could find any ‘high-end’ PC peripherals component.. Laptop or ‘cheap’ PC.. hahahaha..

my New PC – i have allocated almost 1100 US$ to build this (and i do hope dollar conv rate will be down, but i intend to buy this new PC next year because i want to see if my interest in 3D is still there or not.. because honestly this new comp is just only working in maximal performance for 3D hehehe.. really i’m dangerous if i have some new interest )..

The Spec will be like this – Core 2 Quad 9400, RAM DDR3 2×1 GB Dual Channel, LCD 19″, Motherboard Intel P45 max RAM 16 GB, VGA ATI Radeon 3870, Hard Disk 500 GB.. well it would be like that, but i haven’t specified the detail item.. it cost me 1070 US$, but yesterday, i saw Sony Vaio RAM 4 GB, HD 500 GB -> cost 30 million.. OMG.. i could get any higher spec for PC with that bugs.. hehehe..

Well i think this is maybe the last time i would buy a PC (yeah.. after this, i think i should buy everything on my own if i have graduated.. hahahaha.. don’t want to waste my parents money ^^) so i want to maximize this last PC :p.. hehehe.. viva 3D !!!..