Daily Life

#171 : monday

review for yesterday :

after having my music exercise cancelled, i decided to go to TP to watch DOTA final match.. ard 1 pm.. and guess what, the final will be held 5 pm.. uurrgghh.. so what i did there ? with my friends demonX.. well we not a homo couple hehehe.. he has a girlfriend and i’m trying to find mine too.. but we watched ‘Wanted’ yesterday to fill the spare time between 3 pm – 5 pm.. and let me tell you, the final was cancelled because one of the finalist didn’t come up on time.. so damn.. wait for completely useless things.. i tell ya, the other finalist is Jakarta people.. can you feel how they have come so far to win the battle, but they just do nothing to win the final ? i know they want  a challenging war.. so did the spectators.. real damn !!!

review for today :

today i should prepare L3 – lab 3rd floor – to be used by SIB to give introduction to new student.. but lately they told me it will be used tmr.. wew.. in the morning, change all the password, install openoffice.org, setting oracle client.. wew.. well lab stuff rite hehehe remembering that our academic activity going to start next week ^^

then went to Gloria as usual, played dota with my friends..

back to lab again.. have a chit chat with other assistant.. well that’s my life recently hehehe..

in the evening : wanna study CCNA, but being invited to go to GM (i don’t want to be left alone at home) so i went to GM for refreshing ^^ hehehe.. have a lot better scenery than cmputers in lab.. phew..

and to finish the day, i finish my 8th cisco module exam.. 88 / 100 for the mark.. really lucky ^^ now i should prepare for final for saturday.. wew..

god bless us ^^