#170 : my CCNA

well i have a lot of credits for my CCNA class

i still have : 1 module 8 exam, 1 final exam, 2 CCEN preparation exam, 2 CCNA preparation exam.. OMG..i should finish all of them before 9 Aug.. so regret that i waste my time so much until now, but it’ s all because i never thought that i need to do the CCEN + CCNA preparation exams.. 4 of them.. OMG.. i thought after finishing CCNA 4 final exam, i will be free.. T_T

for module 8, i try to finish it today (i just finished module 7 exam just now.. urgghh)..

for final exam, i need a one week time to prepare for it..

for CCEN preparation exam( materials : CCNA 1 + 2 -> half year materials T_T) i will provide very quick 4 days review..

for CCNA prep Exam (materials : CCNA 1-4 -> a year materials ) i will also provide quick 4 days review..

will that be enough ? well i don’t know. hoho.. just can say that i will focus my whole 2 weeks for CCNA.. hehe..

arrgghhh.. stressed out with all of this stuff..

this afternoon, quite glad that there was no music exercise.. hehe..  every body has it’s own business.. they cannot come..