Daily Life

#169 : weekend

hmm today start a day with 1 hr exercising in Atlas with my cousin.. i plan to go to gym at least 3 times a week which i schedule on tue-thu-sat.. but last thu i decided to have a multiplayer games with my friends, so i guess i should go again tmr ^^..

at noon, went to THR, bought some stuff for my cousin.. have asked for my new laptop hard disk too, but the supplier of the hard disk was already closed.. wew.. i should wait til monday.. i guest it has been 3 weeks since i last go to Acer store and the officer there told me he would call me if the hard disk supply is coming (because the last time i went to upgrade my hd, every single 250GB hd is empty.. phew ).. but today he said he was forgot to call me.. huh..

evening – watched Dangyunhaji Series.. just a few of them, downloaded from youtube.. so funny to watch it.. guest i could spend some spare time daily to watch this programme.. hehe.. it’s a reality show that the players are all Korean artists.. i love to watch Yoon Eun Hye because she is very cute there.. the implication, i directly downloaded Coffee Prince, a KOrean drama which Eun Hye starred.. wew.. so abnormally for me to watch a Korean drama film.. but i guest trying to watch them is still acceptable.. hoho.. just downloaded 4 of 18 series..

then, try to do my Cisco exam, but i haven’t finished it.. i will, tmr.. hehe.. have to do 2 exams this week so that next week i can do my final exam, and when the new semester has begun, i would be able to graduate from my CCNA class ^^..

-intermezzo- ow yeah, my holiday is nearly over.. next week, i will have a KRS, such a planning for what subjects i will take next semester.. and from 4 Aug, the new semester is officially begin.. hoho.. what a bored, quick holiday.. but i still confused, what i’ve been doing in this holiday.. i just do nothing, playing dota so much.. hehe..

continue– after studying for my cisco, watch a film.. The Other Boleign Girl.. starred by Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanssen.. i found it difficult to understand the conversation (the subtitle was awful.. better not use it).. but i could catch the meaning of the film. It tells a story of King Henry V (if i’m not mistaken), who has broke the Rome (Vatican) rules of monogamy marriage by marrying Anne (Natalie POrtman) because his previous queen can’t give him a boy to inherit the kingdom of England.. but, unfortunately, Anne only able to give him a girl too.. but, that girl is named Elizabeth as we know that she was a queen of England later.. quite a good history film.. quite complicated story..

before go to sleep, i read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.. reading an English book is quite hard if you’re not getting used to it.. hoho.. my daily progress watching Mockingbird is just ard 10-15 pages per day.. wew.. total pages in the book is 300.. well, i need ard 20-30 days to finish it then.. hehe.. so many vocabs i even haven’t heard before.. uurgghhh.. but still i want to read English-language books as much as i can.. hoho..

i don’t know why lately i been so lazy to write a blog.. maybe because nothing special in my day ^^ but i will force my self to write more and more hehehe.. in ENglish ^^