Daily Life

#146 : i can’t say a word for yesterday.. too great ^^

hmmm the beginning of yesterday was quite unpleasant.. start the day with being injected (red – disuntik) because i had my periodic blood test.. then went to school .. hate to say that being at school is sooo boringgg riteee ?? hehehe..

@ school : discussion with IG team, installing lab server (new server) + client models (1 computer for model which will be cloned to other computers later).. then, the worst, replacing RAM memories of 50 computers (but we did it with 10 people hehehe)..

but, after going home from school, everything was totally different.. hehehe..

1st : my blood test result has been delivered.. and everything was really2 okay.. my liver (SGOT/SGPT) has decreased into a normal level ( from 24/45 to 17/25 , normal point is <37/<41), my cholesterol level quite good (190/200) hehe.. yesterday i was quite worried about this result, because, in this holiday (+after exam), i have slept very late, eat everything, never really take care of my body, never go to gym for exercise (for last 2 weeks :p) so i was so happy..

2nd : of course, the main event of this day heheheh.. this was the first time i ever had this kind of event.. so i could say im quite nervous, but also happy (really, happy is not enough to describe my day yesterday hehe).. keyword : kungfu panda, de boliva.. hhehe… yah just guess what we (yes, we) have done ysterday heheh.. my happiness is shareable, but the detail of what i have done is not always for public consumption hehehe..

so let re-read the title of this blog, yesterday was so awesome, even i can’t find a word for yesterday.. what a wonderful world hehehe..