Daily Life

#145 : today.. saturday

started the day with badminton.. ho4.. 2 tiring hours.. phew.. after one week w/o gymming, i think i lost my stamina and power.. wew.. but i will go to gym routinely again start from next week hehehe..

after that, ate a Maduranese Soto (Soto Madura) at the depot in front of ITATS.. really delicious..

then, went to THR, took my laptop cover sticker.. i was able to take that fro 18 May (last month), but the designer didn’t told me that it was finished.. wew.. after i asked him again around the beginning of June, he told me that i can take the item in the shop.. and just today i picked it up.. he3..

so my laptop will be like this (design by Daniel VW.. check his blog via my blog roll)

my Laptop Front Cover

after that, just a usual normal weekend hehehe..

nothing interesting except one thing.. but not for public consumption.. ahahahhah…

have a nice day for all readers.. hehehe..