Daily Life

#137 : well

Saturday 14 June 2008

yeah recently (for last 3-4 days) mosquitos have disturbed my sleep.. so bad.. everyday around 2-4 am, i got awake because of mosquitos attack.. real damn.. wew.. today i have used Soffel (sari puspa) to prevent from mosquitos.. so i hope nothing disturb my sleep today..

hmm woke up late at 9 am because i have just slept at 4 am (thx to the mosquitos T_T) and then in hurry went to STTS to have Cisco Training.. paid Speedy bill (OMG 600k rupiahs.. damn).. unfortunately, my lecturer, mr FX Ferdinandus hasn’t come.. wew.. so today was a lazy training because i was so lazy to read the Cisco Materials… the exam is opened until Monday 9 am, so i guess i can study by myself at home tomorrow ho3.. 1 pm – i went home.. and had a very good nap till 3.30 pm.. 4 pm – went to ‘Tukang Pijet’ because my body was really unwell because of all this projects wew.. especially my shoulder.. really i should have a more comprehensive check for my right shoulder such a Rontgen because it has not been better..wew..

in the evening – finish SDP documentation report and try to finish my part of SDP program till now.. (12 am Sunday).. well today was not bad for me.. my plan tomorrow i will be finished all of my SDP part, so that i can pass it to Felix, and i can concentrate on my Cisco exam..