Daily Life

#136 : last day of exams

yes this was the last day of exams (but not for projects T_T)

hmmm i’ve woke up at 5.30 am (read the previous post related to this #133).. no retell..

11 am, went to campus coz wanted to study comp graphics.. 1 pm exam -> 2 no was okay, 1 absolutely blank.. wew.. but the main point is the exam was over… horray he4..

and tonite as usual, mandarin course..

then 10.00 – 11.30 – SDP all minus 4th section (Bab IV) tomorrow will print its final document (hard copy)..

hmm my blog has been visited by so many people again.. after a ‘dry’ week he4.. i think this is because of the theme, love, and a marketing strategy to promote my blog ahahhaha via conference + MSN .. well, people love reading others story about love yeah he4.. and i see that as a prayer for the one who are being in love he4.. yeah this is why gossips never die, especially romance gossip ahhahaha…but my blog isnt gossip loh.. all true stroy :p true story which is selected so that its appropriate to be read by others ^^

well happy holiday all .. (no holiday for me T_T)