Daily Life

#121 : wasting time @ school

due to my job as an assistant, today i should spend my valuable time for about 7 hours T_T in boredom.. really2 bored there.. watching other did the exam, while i could do nothing except watching, chatting etc.. wew..

but i’ve been paid for this rite he4.. actually, i want to write my first blog written in school, and the first written when i observed an exam because today i had a job in Lab, which has internet connection.. but i didn’t do it ^^

just a short post before i do my SDP documentation + Java beginning Menu.. these things should be done by Monday.. and tomorrow will have a work group .. guess things will be done faster if we have a ‘good’ team rather alone.. ho4..

ow yeah, everybody seemed so hot yeah recently.. so many things happened, include debating each other.. well let myself cool down ho4.. because really i don’t have so much energy to join that debate (although i like rightful and logical debate he4.. miss that debate competition time in Jogja, where i missed the opening and final match -> i missed final match because i lost my voice just in 2 match, luckily we have substitute person, Oyen :p .. cih.. the worst, nobody has taken photographs there.. so, no concrete evidence, just a memory.. that has been shading away from mine.. OMG .. but i have written that stuff on my really2 first blog.. which i forgot the username and password to login wkwkkw.. )

so to all, please cool down , hot head will never solve the real and root problem..