Daily Life

#120 : peace time is over

yeah.. after having 2 days sleeping so well, yesterday i slept late.. around 12 am.. why ? i finished working my Java project at 11 pm with an unwell feeling after failing achieve my daily target.. T_T .. read kaskus till 12 am, then i tried to sleep.. but really, near the same like last semester, near the projects deadline which is next week, my insomnia strikes back my mind with all of the projects around my head.. OMG.. is this what we called stress ya.. phew.. really i couldn’t think other things than PROJECT, PROJECT, AND PROJECT… wow sounds cool.. for the lecturer, i suggest to set the Project’s deadline before final exam because students hardly split their attention into 2 important things at the same time which are projects and exams (i think some teacher make both of them equal of final grade proportion)..

but still no complaint ^^.. i think, my failure to complete my Java because i worked alone, so when i face some troubles (easy but deadly mistakes) i fell depressed.. thats why in Friday-Sunday i intend to invite my group to work together.. not work alone like nowadays.. for other projects, gimme a second to break until i finish my Java please ^^..

i’m an optimistic person.. so i’ll say i can finish all of these.. the result is important, but my progress day by day will also important ^^.. no regret wasting some time from last Saturday – Tuesday :p