Daily Life

strange day

hmm this day i failed to avoid complaining.. he4 .. yes it is really hard, especially in the last month of this semster where the theme of this month is ‘DEADLINES’  but i think i still continue my trial version of avoiding complaining and blaming.

this is also a strange day. which i started with having exercise on Gym ( quite normal ) but after that i attended Indonesian Language Class which was quite ridiculous because the old teacher was very sensitive today and he didn’t want to teach our class again after some students having their own conversation and it disturbed him ( this is the second time he did to my class after PPKN class at 1st semester )

then i had my SDP class which was really quite strange. rather than discussing about the project that will be completed next week, the teacher give us an open debate.. the topic is about ‘ Students, Observer, Assistant in Cheating ‘ ( mahasiswa , asisten , pengawas dalam contek mencontek ) .. i won’t state the opinions in that debate here because that was the appointment between students and teacher that the debate materials won’t be published for public ^^ ( i stated 1 statement )

still many a lot of works to do and i’m getting used to sleep around 12 – 1 am .. i don’t have any problem with that, except i feel so hungry at midnight ^^..

by the way, why is the post ‘waiting ‘ seems to get into the 1st of box office of my blog ?? it’s a very short post but so many people seems to get attracted ^^ ? it’s been read 48 times according to blog stats..