plan changes

once i entered uni life, i thought that it’s better to go with the flow, so i plan to finish it in 4 normal years… but now i got my plan changed.. i will force myself to play tactically and finish my uni as soon as possible, which i think it will exclude what we call uni love story he4.. so i am ready for the worst case that i will have no girlfriend in my 20 ( yeah not too old, isn’t it ? and doesn’t have girlfriend doesn’t mean the world ends rite ? ^^ ) because i am ready for chasing something bigger.. not just in that Google mission, but also in real-love mission.. i think it’s not too bad to have a girlfriend when you think you are 100% ready for serious relationship.. ( thats why i choose waiting rather than searching somebody else )

then what will i do ?? nah that is a big question because i have two options which is really hard to choose and the decision should be taken in the next 1-2 years.. but for sure i want to challenge the world by studying abroad.. yeah the world still means Google for me until now he4.. but i 100% sure that after getting some experience there, i will go home to Surabaya / or somewhere else in Indonesia..

first step : finish what in front of my eyes as soon as possible..