stop complaining and blaming

nowadays, the word ‘adduhh’ sounds so familiar he4 for example ( ‘ aduh susahe tugas ini , bla2 ‘)… the sound complaining is so much around me even i did it.. so a few weeks ago, on Thursday, me and my friend tried to stop saying ‘aduh’ for almost 2-3 hours.. and it was so hard ahahahhaha…i said it 5-6 times in 3 hours 🙂 it looks like ‘aduh’ is in our blood.. ( what we call ‘aduh’ in English ? hmmm like ‘Oh My God’ ya ?? ^^ )

second, blaming others… also sounds so familiar with ‘ gara2 si … ‘ ( ‘this because of him/her ‘) but we rarely say yes it is because of me ( ‘ya memang ini gara2 saya sendiri ‘ )

yeah this two complaining and blaming others is in our blood.. but i want to try not to say those 2 magic words ‘aduh ‘ + ‘ gr2..’ for this week he4..

let see how good is myself to accept my condition and situation, whatever will happen..