Daily Life

blogging time : 100th post !!!

yes this is blogging time.. 10.43 PM.. and this is my 100th post in wordpress.com cheerz ^^ and til now, its been hit for 1668 times ^^

before telling my day, i would like to state my target of the day which has been accomplished until now :

  • SDP user manual – just been sent via email
  • studying cisco module 3.1 + 3.2 – finished

that’s 2/4 of my target this day.. the other was completing the SDP’s customer master module (which quite hard to finish in this 1 1/4 hr left ) and thinking bout IG (Informatic Games) meeting time..

well okay.. i told you my day..

wake up at 7 am , read newspaper, news on internet as usual (Sunday Rituals.. reading all news ^^ ) then decided some target which should be accomplished for today and tomorrow.. at 9.30, had a music practice (been so long approx 3-4 days w/o touching my zhong ruan) til 11.00.. and i unpurposedly fell asleep til 12.15.. had a lunch.. then 12.50 went to PA Nusantara for music group practice..

as usual, we practice til 15.00.. we practice just 2 main song, called Jing Diao + Gong Wu.. quite hard of those.. but i believe hours by hours training will be enough for mastering them.. after practice, we (me and my group) not went home directly, waiting for some short meeting.. this meeting was to continue previous2 meeting about a purpose to have a chinese traditional music class.. and we have been asked to be a music teacher there.. me also ( though i’m not too sure , just a beginner ).. it will start at July which means i have been given a month to improve my own skill ^^ ..

this thing will obviously make my next semester become busier.. far busier i think.. because next sem it looks like i will not only handle 1 class of practice in iSTTS, but maybe i can handle 2-3 classes ^^.. the music class ( if any one want to learn Zhong Ruan, chinese guitar, four string, act as a rhythm in group ) will be held on Sunday 10 am.. but i feel happy to this all busy-ness… he4.. i’ve met a lot of new people this year just because i’m adding my business and got many chance to meet new people too… and although sometimes i wanna cry if i think i will not be able to finish all of this job, i know i’m happy of my condition with all works around my head ^^ because my principle that i choose having more than less (include more works he4.. rather than doing nothing.. but still i have a limit )

after going home, i decided to have some rest for an hour.. then continued with studying cisco module 3.1 + 3.2 ( luckily i could force myself to finish this target, so that i (maybe) can take 2 exam this weekend) til 9 pm ( been wasting some few time in chatting :p ) and i finished up my cisco + SDP user manual at 10.30 pm..

ow yeah.. just now, i received a notification from my friend that they will start a blog too.. not just 1 person, but 2 person.. initial D V and R S.. D V will think about it later because he want to write such a diary, but don’t want others read.. R S said that he will post his blog soon.. i’m happy if many people whom i know is blogging he4 and i still have much empty space in my blogroll place to be placed by links for my friends’ new blogs.. i will spread blogging virus.. because i think blogging is just fantastic.. write your day, your opinion. let the world see who are you ( if you reflect yourself in your blog ).. well Anita ( other friend) has decided to start her blog too since last week.. and just now she asked how to start 1st post.. i just said ‘write what you want. everything’ he4.. blogging is just as simple as that.. and this is my 100th post.. so i did ‘write what i want’ for 100 times already ( exclude the FS and blogspot blog which already inactive ) from last year October ( i think ). FYI i started this blog things since the beginning of 2006 ^^..

hmmm for my 100th post.. i would like to thanks to all of this blog readers.. some of them often give me a spirit if i wrote some unpleasant stuffs ( such as assignments ^^ ) and i admit that it is so pleasant to know that someone ( many people / more than 1 ) love you ( as a friend ) by reading your story ( via blog ), give comment and give some spiritful comments.. i can’t live with only myself.. i live with others.. so i think i should let them know how is my condition, what i feel.. and its all written in this creandivity.wordpress.com and i’ll still continue writing.. not just to fulfil my desire of writing ( i intend to join writing competition which deadline 30 June 2008 ^^ but still haven’t found any idea T_T) but also to provide a story for the world ( in general ) and my friends/relatives ( specifically )

this is not an Oscar speech he4.. just some cheerz for myself and my readers to celebrate 100 th post.. so i should look for 200th, 500th and the 1000th he4… for those who are just reading my blog and don’t have blog, please try writing your own blog and give me your URL.. for those who has a blog already, feel free to give me more comment as usual and i will definitely visit your blog too… bloggers are writers and readers, that’s why we love sharing our blog URL isn’t it ?

if there is any comments, critics, and advices for this blog, i will accept it pleasantly..

thank you all..