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#101 : contradiction

i have said many times that i love writing and reading as one packet.. it’s including keep writing on this blog and (secret revealed) my purpose to join 2 writing competitions this year (one is literature <sastra>, one is teenlit) yeah i think i should try to follow that kind of competition to know how my writing skill is (at least, i can make a novel from so many novels i have ever read, even it just a teenlit, a light type one of literature)

but i’m getting sick of writing a preview/review.. since Saturday, all i have done is just print the screen, edit it in Photoshop, include it in Word, write some review.. omg.. for different Subjects.. Saturday, i wrote review bout my friend’s project, a game which quite similar to Championship Manager.. Yesterday, i wrote a user manual of my program.. and today, i wrote a review about Amazon ( and i need 2 more website to review ).. this is so damn boring… i wonder why this semester has a lot of reviewing and making written report + documentation.. i can say i don’t really like writing that kind of writing.. phew.. what a contradiction in me..

ow yeah, i want to insert my number of post in front of my post title from now he4.. just want to make these posts as a series of post (inspired by Marvel comics #xx where xx is the number of series )..

ow yeah today was a lazy day for me.. have only finished 1 web review out of 3, w/o doing anything about SDP project… still haven’t touched Java Project.. luckily i could catch my Cisco module 3 this morning..