#158 : my first book review

finally, i wrote my first book review.. after waiting for so long for the right momentum :p hehe..

writing a book review is not an easy task, and i do think that mine is not a perfect review.. but i do hope that my review will bring some information about those who want to buy the books. I will continue writing a review for all of my books..

now, i am confuse to choose in what language should i write my review. If able, i would like to write in bilingual version.. but i don’t think that’s appropriate. so for the first i decided to use Indonesia to preview a foreign book. I think it’s reasonable because there are so many ‘English review’ for English book, so i’ll be better provide the Indonesian review. But for Indonesian Book, i intend to write down the English version too, so that foreigners will know Indonesia has some great books too (and for me, that will be Laskar Pelangi tetralogy hehe).

I want to write a review per week.. sooo.. roughly, i will need almost 50 books a year hehe.. well that is (maybe) the total number of my books that can be reviewed until now (exclude magazine, comics) soo yeah.. maybe time will provide me more and more books :p (and the money too hahaha, should reduce my money allocation for unimportant things)..


currently reading :

  • Purpose Driven Life – consisted of 40 sub topics and the author advises to read one per day.. so i just read till the 9 sub topics (bought this book last week) but really, one sub topics per day is not enough for me :p hehe.. too little..
  • Eldest – i have read this book last year, but didn’t finish.. start from tomorrow, i will continue reading.. this is the second edition of Eragon.. The last edition will be published this year (Eragon is a trilogy)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird – a 1962 Pulitzer winner.. this is a legendary book of USA and i found it accidentally in Gunung Agung Bookstore.. w/o a second thought, i just grabbed it.. hehe.. but, till now, haven’t read it totally.. guess this holiday will spare a time for this book..


Prepare for following review (for a month = 4 books) :

  • Laskar Pelangi Series : Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, Edensor
  • one more undecided book.


want to buy :

  • Mother Teressa biography (so expensive.. about 200K Rupiahs – imported book.. yeah been wondering why imported books are so expensive T_T guess need to save money for 2-3 months first :p )
  • Tetralogi of Pulau Buru by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Pram is considered as one of the best author Indonesia have ever had.. This tetralogy has been published in so many foreign language (although ironically it has been forbidden in Soeharto’s government era)..
  • A New Earth by Eackhart Tolle – a spirit enlightment book.. should try it..


I love books.. ^^