backpacking by books

hmm i just realized that the two books i have just bought has the same topic which is adventurous backpacking.. yey.. i love to do that also sometime later.. even i have planned to go around central and west java for next holiday.. not backpacking, but it’s kind of an adventure with just a little of money.. he4.. because of that, i will strongly need a very good plan if i wanna go back safely ^^ safely here means without any trouble

back to the books, i have read the ‘Edensor’ by Andrea Hirata.. it told us about his journey around the Europe without a lot of money, but a lot of courage. how they survive by being a ‘statue man show’ ( they had some kind of show that they acted as if mermaid statue ) and they can travel around Europe with that way.. very interesting but i dun’t want to take that way ^^

the second book, based on its opening review, will told us about an Indo employee who likes travelling and she ( also with a limited fund ) tried to backpack around the world..

well i guess by reading that kind of books, i feel as if i do that journey ^^ so naive but thanks to great author for describing a lot of things outside there.. someday i want to journey around the world too.. as a quotes in Hirata’s novel : dream and God will hug your dream ( the true quotes : Bermimpilah karena Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpimu ) i was so inspired by the Hirata’s tetralogy although the final edition hasn’t been published i think.. but it’s told us a lof of life things… especially hope and dream…

don’t ever say ‘dream too high’.. no dreams too high as long as it’s rational.. lets us dream as high as we can and courage ourself not just dreaming, but wake up and start the journey..

and last, i will provide some book review especially Hirata’s book one by one… wish i can manage my time better so that i can make a clear review and post it… but Hirata’s is highly recommended… MUST READ  for those who loves reading… it’s a true story covered by literatic and poetic style… delicious..