Daily Life

this week

hmm this week was a beginning to an interesting semester i guess..

started on Monday with computer Graphics, we will make a 3D simulation / game at the end of the semester although i think it’s definitely difficult remembering that we should make all those 3D stuff based on programming, not just drag n drop.. but we’ll see later..

Tuesday – Indo Language ( grrrr boring lesson ) + Software Development Project ( project again ) and i has formed a team with felix to develop i-Lib, a software handling library computerization. ow yah finally i did my CCNA ( cisco ) practice exam by myself alone ^^ and gladly passed on it…

Wednesday – all mathematics stuff : math 2 + numeric method uurrggghhh….

Tuesday – Long Journey started with Digital Circuit ( but i missed the first class bcoz i should be on Lab to handle the ECC registration.. continued with Human Computer Interaction hmm well this subject quite important if we as programmers want to develop a user-friendly environment.. last at 15.30 with all of sleepiness, Java.. FORTUNATELY the teacher is one of my favourite Miss Esther ( we call her ‘ce Ester’ by the way ) so well can be compromised..

Friday – boring things on MIS ( Management of Information System ) at 8 am becoz it’s full of theories and analysis. But the teacher said that he will bring up some case to be discussed.. catched up with Database at 1pm and that also a long subject ^^… bought 2 novels : Edensor – (Andrea Hirata) + Naked Traveller ( Trinity ).. arrgghh why im so easily buy books… last week i also bought 2 books one of which is Sang Pemimpi – Andrea Hirata.. I Love Hirata’s tetralogy ( the first book is Laskar Pelangi, i bought on December last year ) + For One More Day ( Mitch Albom – i also collect almost all of his books ).. arrghh spent very a lot of money on novels… + another books..

and today i started my CCNA-3 .. ready for the hardwork this semester ^^