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#428: Ubud Writers Festival Day 4

Back with the Ubud Writers 2010 experience, after quite busy with some writing competition. LoL. This post will cover my day 4 journey. So, many pictures, many experience, and FUN! make my want to go back there next year. It’s more like spiritual journey for a writer.

4th day

I spent the whole 4th day enjoying myself with many programs in UWRF. I didn’t join any workshops today, letting myself enjoy the conversation between writers, hearing their inspirational experience. Well, it’s great to hear them telling their stories.

The first program I joined is a discussion from Meanjin writers, titled ‘Writers Speaking Out’. The panelist are Anthony Loewenstein (journalist), Omar Musa (rap-style poet), Sian Prior (journalist, author), and Christos Tsiolkas (author). It was moderated by Sophie Cunningham. Well, this conversation talked about how the writers experience in writing controversial things. For example, Sian Prior told us about her writing about East Timor. Omar Musa talked about their place of origin, how was the condition there. And, well, sorry, I forgot, which one of Anthony or Christos told us about his journey to Palestine and seeing the brutal scenery there.

Writers Speaking Out Session

Based on my plan, I should be attending ‘In Conversation with Dewi Lestari’ in another place. But, well, I didn’t know why I chose the Meanjin seminar. But, after seeing the ‘Writers Speaking Out’, I went to Indus, just in case the Dewi Lestari session has not been finished and I still could see for few minutes. But, later on, I found the session was finished. But hey, She is there. So, I took a chance to have my book, Perahu Kertas (written by Dee, Dewi Lestari) signed and have a photograph with her 😀 .. My second photograph with namely author 🙂

With Dewi Lestari

Book Signed 😀

After that, I went back to Honeymoon Guesthouse. I had my ‘Friends Morning Tea’ session there, and later found out that I was the only Indonesian there. Oh My God. Well, the session was held to let the festival friends meet and greet some of the Ubud Writers Festival Committee. I met Andy Ewing (the Marketing Chief), and Janet de Neefe itself (the Founder of this program)

Honeymoon Guesthouse

With Janet de Neefe

Hmm, after the Morning Tea session, I decided to look around Ubud. I just want to see the beauty of Ubud, not just focussed on the Writers Festival, although it was the main reason I went Ubud. So, I took a walk to Antonio Blanco Art Museum. Just in case you don’t know, Antonio Blanco is maybe the most popular painter in Bali, which has World Class popularity and titled ‘Don’ by King of Spain (if I’m not mistaken).

Here are some photos from Antonio Blanco Museum Journey

Wooden Bridge

Visit Museum Year!

Antonio Blanco Museum's Entrance

Shiva Statue

Very big statue In Front Of the Main Building of Picture Gallery

Look the 'Don't take a picture' sign ? That's the main reason I couldn't take picture of so Many beautiful pictures inside

Well, The picture above, I think is the portrait of Don Antonio itself. But there is a rule that tourists are not allowed to take a photographs inside the picture gallery. It is so understandable. But, I can say that most of the pictures of his are Nudism Pictures of women. He love to draw naked women. But, it’s not a kind of porn. Really, If you can see it by yourself. You will know that He love to exploit the beautiful side of a women. Women Grace, I think :D..

So, after seeing picture gallery, I continue to some places in the museum complex.

Michael Jackson with Don Antonio

That’s all about my Museum Journey. And, It was time to lunch. That day, i decided to have Babi Guling in Bali!.

Babi Guling Bu Oka

The Building

Nasi Babi Guling. Yummy!

Zoom In Babi Guling!

After having lunch, I went back to main area of the festival. I went to Indus, later, to find Thomas Keneally after he had conversation session there. And I bought 2 books there (they had Periplus stand inside Indus). I bought Schindler’s List by Thomas Keneally and Notwithstanding by Louis de Bernieres. Both of them, later on, was signed by the authors 😀 By the way, Thomas looked very friendly, wasn’t him ? Nice to be able to talk him 🙂

With Thomas Keneally, Booker Prize Winner!

Then, I went to Neka Art Museum, to see another main programs. I attended ‘ Writing Home and Away’ session, where 2 Vietnamese authors, Andrew Lam and Anna Moy talked about their writing experience. Currently, They’re not live in Vietnam. But, they told a story about the country, based on their sweet memories there. Nice sharing.

Writing Home and Away Session

After that, still in Neka, I enjoyed the conversation with Louis de Bernieres. He also read out loud his new poem, made us who were at Neka, were the first listeners in the world of his new poem :D.. Of course, I didn’t miss the book signing event :D..

Louis was reading his new poem

Photo with Louis de Bernieres 😀

After that session, I went back to Indus, spent few minutes hearing Edgar Keret reading his writing. Then, went back to inn to take a rest.

In the evening, I intended to attend SLAM competition, a poem competition which held in The Pond. So many authors were coming to that competition, just to watch, including Sian Prior, Omar Musa, and Djenar Maesa Ayu. It was very crowded there. But, well, honestly, poem is not my stuff. I didn’t enjoy the competition quite much. So, just after 30 minutes, I left.

Nasi Ayam Sisit for Dinner @ Lotus Cafe

Well, this is the end of my 4th day in Ubud. The day 5 was really full day of workshop, so I didn’t take nice pics and didn’t attend many programs. Well, to be honest, My last day just consisted of 2 things, Workshop (about How to Make a Good Proposal of Non Fiction Book) and Street Party at Gotama Street :D.. Maybe I will just write a short post about it. And I will need to edit some videos I took in Street Party.

Thanks for reading 😀