#413 : 14th Day of DLBL ~ Life Reflection

Quite a long time after the last post, its been almost a week :).. Well, the main factor of the absent was i was on holiday last week, from thursday to sunday. Besides, the DLBL program had a 3 days break, so, in the 9th-11th day, no new task. The 12th task was decluttering, but since i haven’t plan any decluttering plan for myself, i will skip that part, but surely i will post about them. The 13th task, i just asked some friends, relatively close to me, to give me feedbacks. I just wait for their feedbacks before i compiled them into a single post. So, yes, i will skip those 2 task and directly jump into 14th task. (and i still owe to Holiday post :p)


Today’s task is to make a reflection about what we achieved in our life. While in the DLBL part 1 (day 1-8), we make our goals, vision, and mission, that primarily is purpose to achieve better life in the future, today task is really focus on the past, what we had done before. Hmm, for me, personally, reflection is useful to know, what our life is, up to now. Sometimes, we think that our life was disappointing, miserable. But, if we look back, especially to some great moments/achievements we had before, we can see that our life isn’t too bad at all. Instead, we can be grateful to what we had achieved, and not focusing too much on what we had lost.

If you see your life as a miserable life, maybe there is something wrong, but, we still have chance to change it. Based on our past, If we are able to reach it in the past, why won’t we in the future ? So, reflection can also be a motivation for us, instead of a reflection of our life.

Today’s Task

The complete version of today’s task is available here.

Start on a new page of your 30DLBL workbook for Day 14. On the top, write down “My Life Reflections”. Write down your age below that. What you’re going to write now is your reflections as the ___ year old you.

Reflection: Who and Where You Are Today

Spend a few minutes thinking about how your life has been for the past ___ years of your life, and where you are today.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with where you are today in life?
  2. What are the biggest milestones you are most proud of in the past 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or even 70 years of your life?
    • Write as many as you want; If something made you feel really proud about it, then it should be up here.
    • When I was doing this exercise today, some of the key things that came up were setting up TSOPE (my personal excellence coaching and training business), pursuing my passion to help others grow for the past 2 years, setting up TPEB and making it to what it is today, being covered by various media outlets as I see it as an affirmation of my work and what I’m doing. I’m so proud of TPEB and of all of you that I can just well up in tears just talking about it. I’m so happy that TPEB has allowed me to know all of you, to connect with all of you at such an emotional level, and I’m just really, really excited at what’s in store next.
    • How about you? What are the things you are proud to have done/be involved in/experienced/created in this world?
  3. What are the significant events that have shaped you to become who you are today?
    • Think from when you’re a little kid, to when you entered pre-school, high school, work life, your relationships, when you started your own family (if applicable), the times when you made major life decisions, when you got major life realizations … to where you are today.
    • Significance refers to its significance to you. If it’s something that created a lasting impact of you (and your life), then it’s a significant event. For example, I believe one of the significant things that shaped me to be who I am today was my primary school education. As elitist as it was, the 6 years of being inculcated in a system that extolled on excellence, taught by teachers who expect nothing but perfection, precision and the best, taught by teachers who really cared for you, set the foundation for who I am today, someone who takes pride in being her personal best. As I look back, I’m grateful to it for inducting me with positive values.
  4. What are the realizations you got in each event that helped you become who you are?
    • Knowing these realizations help you to gain awareness of what trigger your past changes. By being aware, you can then use this knowledge to create a better life ahead.
  5. What are the biggest things you’ve learned about yourself, looking back in the past X years?

From Reflection to Your Future

  1. Moving forward, what are the new milestones you want to create to make this your best life ever? What is the new future you are going to create for yourself?
  2. What are you going to do (differently vs. the past) to get there?

My Life Reflection ~ Over 21 years

1. I give my life score 7/10. I’m quite satisfied, but i see there are many ways i still able to improve, to be a better man in the future.

2. Some of my biggest personal milestone are:

  • Junior High School period :  *win english competition for 3rd place, the very first time i win a competition. (member team: Albert H).
  • Senior High School period :  *Web Design competition, became favorite winners (member team, Bambang O, Carissa T.) very nice teamworks; *Debate competition, became runner up. (member team: Brian, Rhea, Oyen). This is the first competition in the other city i’ve ever won. Beside, anyone of us has never joined this kind of debate competition. So, it was more than surprise :); *Became the top 10 students in 2nd year. I’m very proud to be the top 10 students, and it also made my parents proud, because our (the 10) parents were called in front of the hall to accompany us receiving the award :); *achieved two certifications of English Language from Cambridge, FCE and CAE certifications :)..
  • University period : *Win Web Design Competition as 3rd winner (Member team: Felix K., Glenn K.); *Win an idea competition (by vote) with national scope; *Become a lab assistant. I see this as a very big milestone with so many unforgettable moments, and great experiences. Maybe this thing was very tiring, exhausting. But somehow, it taught me many things, including socialize with other people, responsible to our works, etc.
  • Joined a chinese musical group orchestra, that let me meet some great new friends, a lot of experiences and shows.
  • Joined 30 DLBL program. I’ve read a lot of motivational/self-improvement books, but i felt resistant to do many exercises inside of them. But, i’ve decided to join this program, and it’s feel so good that until now, i haven’t (and won’t) give up on any task :).

3&4. Some significant events in my life and the realization

  • Become a lab assistant: Why it’s so significant ? because it gave me a lot of experiences, that often came up with problems. Well, maybe, when the troubles had come, i just said ‘Oh gosh, why did this happen ?’. But, after the troubles solved, i thought of it and said “Great. Another problem solved, and i got new experience”. Well, becoming a lab assistant was really pressuring me to my maximum limit, while i still have to allocate time to my study as well. It was time and mental consuming. But, in the end, i realized that maybe, the working rhythm, the ‘real life’ after the university life will be far more cruel and rude than that. I saw my experience as a ‘training field’ to be prepared in the real battlefield.
  • Win competitions: It’s really enjoying if you remember and imagine how you feel if you win something. The triumphant feeling is really good for you, and it can motivate you better, that you are a champion, a winner in your life. That you’re not a loser. Maybe sometimes you get down, but a champion is not those who never lost, instead a champion is those who never give up although they had lost.
  • 30 DLBL Program: Well, as i said before, i have tried many methods/advices from motivational books. But, i gave up on them, because after trying in it, i don’t see any significant changes. Then, before i decided to join this program, i thought, this program will be just the same with the others. But still, i decided to join, and invited my friends to give it a try. If we have chances to make a better life, why don’t give it a try then ? Well, as i can say, maybe, the materials given in this program is quite similar to others program. But, the most different part is the social community power, and the program’s owner feedback to us as participants. If i do this 30 DLBL by myself, maybe, i will give up easier, because i feel alone. But, by having this great sharing community, i don’t feel alone anymore. Instead, i made new friends, that share similar interest in making our life better. It makes me to not giving up that easy, and i believe i will be able to follow this program till the end :). Beside the community power, Celes, as the program’s owner really helpful for us as participant. That’s differ this program from another from the books. When you get the feedbacks directly from the programs holder (+ the community), you will feel more secured, that your question has been answered. Thank You Celes, for this program 🙂

5. The biggest thing i’ve learned from myself is, sometimes, i just think too much, rather than take action. So, in the future, i would like to reduce my thinking time, convert them into action time. But still, looking back to what i ‘ve achieved, i’m sure that i will be able to grow up better, develop more and more. Maybe it because i see myself as never-satisfied person. I will never let myself going static, instead, i will grow myself to be better. How many times i fall is not too important, the most important count is how many times i wake up from those falls.


In the future, i have set some new milestones, that is aligned with my vision board, my goals

  • join post graduate study in the best university of the world (depends on the specific topic i want to study about, still haven’t decided about it yet)
  • become an author, publish my books 🙂
  • etc

What are you going to do (differently vs. the past) to get there?

Some things i would like to do differently is making actions more than planning/thinking time. Too much thinking, for me, won’t bring the best result unless we do it perfectly. Beside that, i would like to reduce much my procrastination habit. Also, make a reasonable good plan, to make sure my goals will be achieved in the future.

Well, quite a long reflection today 🙂

Keep Reading, thank you :p