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#412 : 8th Day of 30DLBL Challenge ~ To-do List

Today’s task is quite simple,I think. The task is to make a to do list,which are divided into two parts,which are the 20% and 80% parts.

What is the 80/20 rule then ? Well,it’s the Paretto rule that stated your 20% effort contribute to almost 80% effect of your life. On the other hand,80% of activities you do just contribute about 20%. So,if we are able to recognize what our 20% important activities, we will be more easier to organize it,to make sure we will do it first before the 80% activities..

So,what is my to-do list ? Well,since tomorrow I will have my holidays,I don’t have any to do list about that. But,on 13th Sept,first day after my holiday,I’ve set plenty tasks in my to do list.

20% activities:

  • Finish my program revision for final project. This will be very important because in the following days,I will have another work that need this task result. So,no matter what,I’ve to finish this on time
  • Take my scanner to service centre. This really related to some administrative stuff I need to finish,and I need my scanner reparated first
  • Exercise
  • Make a novel review that I will submit into book review competition

Well,for the 80% tasks,currently I don’t know what to write about them,because they are so random. It depends on that day,if something need to be done or not.
To do list,for me personally, is not a new thing. I also believe that almost many of us have made ours many times. But, the question is, were your to-do lists supporting you in achieving your goals ? Were you able to slash them all,without procrastination and rejection ? I see the execution part will be more crucial. Someone said that a good plan means the job is half done. But,without a good execution,it will never be a complete result 🙂

Hopefully I’m successful in following my action plans,to do list,and achieve my goals 🙂

End of writing ~ thank you

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