#408 : 4th Day of 30DLBL Challenge ~ Mission Statement

It’s already 4th day of DLBL Challenge. The first three days were very fun!.. Doing a lot of image and pictures stuff. But i think, the topic for 4th day, until now, will be the most difficult task. Since it’s related to our MISSION STATEMENT.

Introduction – Mission Statement

What is mission statement then ? first, if you follow this 30DLBL journey, you will know that until today, you have analyzed your current life, you have decided what’s your ideal life, you even have imagined and created your vision board. Well, the following step is to decide what is your mission statement, your life mission related to your vision of course. In some management subjects i received in school, it’s often said that vision is the best picture, the most ideal state of what you want, and sometimes is very general and abstract. After vision, there are missions, some plans or statement to reach our vision. So, in management case, vision is the abstract goal, missions are the concrete goals in order to make the vision come true.

Well, this analogy is also suitable for our life. For almost all of people, of course those who have a visionary life, i think, live the best, give the best they can, get their ideal life are the most common visions. Nobody would like to have their bad life, right ? But, however, nobody is exactly the same to each other. Their vision, ultimate vision, is maybe similar to each other, but they will have different approaches, styles, and ways to reach it. Personally, i think that’s what missions are, to reach your vision by your own ways, your ideal approaches, since everybody’s thought is really vary.

This is the nice quote i quoted from Celes Blog

“Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life… Therein he cannot be re­placed, nor can his life be repeated. Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.” – Viktor Frankl

Purpose of Mission Statement

So, what is the main purpose of mission statement ? well, i think, the first purpose is of course to state the ways you would like to do in order to reach your vision. It will become your gold standard to live your life. If sometimes you are faced to really hard choices, options, the first and the best you should choose is better to be aligned with your own missions, because it’s your direction toward your goals.

Of course, in some periods of your life time, you will need to take a look at your mission, check it whether it still aligned with your own vision or not. Why ? because nothing is static, *maybe except our life vision. But sometimes, even our life’s goal will change, since we do grow up and live more consciously*. So, missions should be dynamic missions, depend on the situation of your life.

Today’s Task – Setting Mission Statement

Today, the 30DLBL 4th task is to set our mission statement. For me, it’s the most difficult task. But, since i have read Celes E-book about How to discover our life purpose, and i’ve tried before, i can get my missions quite faster. But still, i haven’t known whether it’s the right missions for me or not. I think, i will need to review it as the 30DLBL moves forward til September end, since life mission is very important, and it will be better for me to analyze it for a while (for about a week-month), choose the right path, and live by my mission, rather than to choose missions in a hurry, live it, and later on, i realize it is not the way i want to do.Of course, by joining 30DLBL, i would love to share them. By sharing them, i would also know how the others opinion, which maybe can help me in ways to improve my mission statement.

Here is the task from Celes, while you can read the whole story here.

  1. Read the Discover Your Real Life Purpose series (7-part). I’ve written extensively about discovering one’s purpose in this series. It can also be downloaded in the free ebooks section. If you bought The Personal Excellence Book earlier (if you haven’t, check it out), the series is in 1st section on Purpose and Meaning. If you’ve read this before, read it again to refresh your memory
  2. Read Part 6 on Discover Your Real Purpose in 30 minutes. It contains the exercises to discover your mission statement. While I specified 30 minutes in the exercise, it may take longer depending on you.
  3. Now ask yourself – What is the mission statement you want to set in your life to live it to your fullest? Start writing, and keep writing for the next 30, 45, 60 minutes.
  4. Keep writing and don’t stop until you find the statement that resonates with you. When you reach a state when you feel emotional, and you are moved to tears and immense joy with the statement, you know you are near. Keep refining it until you know that this is the right one.
  5. When you reach there, congratulations – You have defined your mission statement in life :D

Add to your Vision Board

Now that you’ve created your mission statement, add it to your vision board. Put it at the top of your board so you see it immediately and rearrange your pictures around it.

Now every day as you start your day, review your mission statement. Remember why you’re here and what you’re here to do. Feel  that same energy you had when you first created the statement. Ask yourself what you can do today to live truest to your statement today and moving forward. Throughout the day, do the same thing in the different situations you’re in. Ask yourself if you’re living 110% true to your mission; and if not – what can you do to make it so?

My Mission Statement

  1. to achieve my best life based on my ideal life, by reaching  my own maximum potential, live consciously with my own purpose;
  2. to make some useful contributions for mankind, for this world; to help each other get the fullest life based on their own will/purpose.

Well, i see the first mission is related to my personal life. Of course, i want to grab my best life, by grow up, develop myself into my own maximum potential.

The 2nd mission, i think, is more to this world. In my opinion, a person live in this world is not coincidentally born without any single purpose. I believe that everyone has it’s own purpose to build a better world for us. So, i would like also to contribute some useful things for this world, as my gratefulness to have a life in this world. Of course, i will be able to give the best contribution after i do my best in my own life, that related to first mission. It doesn’t mean that i will leave my 2nd mission while i chase the 1st one, but i’ll try to do both of them in proportional ways. The example i can think of related to the 2nd mission, is building free schools, provide good education for children, invent something useful, and etc.

As i said before, these are not static missions. I will always review them in this month, (or maybe it take longer) until i find it is the most suitable and the best mission i have.

Well, i think this is the end of this post.

To end this post, i add a nice quote (for me) i get from a Hongkong comics (i’m a big fan of HK comics. yey!)

If you are able to get everything, get your best life in an unlimited lifetime, it is so common. But, if you are able to give your best in a limited lifetime, that what makes your life meaningful.

See you tomorrow on the next challenge 🙂