#407 : 3rd Day of 30DLBL Challenge ~ Vision Board

Third day of 30DLBL Challenge, become more and more fun here. After imagining our ideal life (mostly by text) yesterday, today is the VISUALIZATION day of our dreams. So many pictures will be uploaded then.. yey!..

Introduction – Vision Board

As you can see the previous challenge about Ideal Life (the complete instruction is available here in Celes blog, and this is mine as well), today, still about our dream and ideal life, the challenge is to make your vision board. What is a vision board then ? For me, a vision board is a board where you put your dream together, and then, you will see it as your primary resource or energy to reach your dream. Whenever you may feel want to throw away your dream, you should see this board, imagining what you put in there and how your life will be if you can achieve your own chosen dream. So, yes, i think it will become one of the most important energy resource to pursue our dream.

Basically, the 2nd task is quite good to make you chase your dream life. However, visualizing you dream will boost your motivation better and better. So, that’s why we need our vision board, to help us imagine what exactly we want, how it looks like, and etc. Rather than just imagining something unclear around your head, several images about your dream will make you better in imagining your dream.

Me, personally, have known this vision board from The Secret book, which i have read 2 years ago. From that book, there is one example (i forgot his name), that one of the mentor told us his story. He used Vision Board to put everything he wanted to have. Someday, when he moved into a new house, his child opened up his stuff. that child found something interesting, a board with so many images on it. And  he asked, “What is that, Dad ? “. Then the father came and looked into it, and suddenly he felt as if he was crying. Why ? Because there was a picture of a house there, his dream house, and today, he just moved into that house!..

Based on this example, i can say that it is not coincidence that the father get what he wants. Why ? because he has set his goals, his dreams, visualize and imagine getting it all the time, and it just the matter of time until he got what he wanted.

Visualization become Manifestation

Well, so why do we need visualization ? Hmm, based on what i just read on Celes blog, and what i read from The Secret several times ago, it’s mainly because of the law attraction principles, that all your wishes will become  a real manifestation, and of course, the clearer your wishes are, the faster and better the manifestation will be. I will just quote what Celes think about the Vision Board importance:

  1. It’s a visual representation of your goals. Visual imagery is very important when it comes to goal settings. When it comes to achieving goals, realize that every goal is always created twice – first in your mind, then in real life. To achieve your goals in real life, you have to first know how it looks like and feels like, on a sensory level. Your vision board is a tool to convey those emotions and crystallize the images. The more you can articulate / put your goals into clear pictures, the better!
  2. It’s an immediate reminder of what you want. Without a proper focal point, it’s easy  be washed away by others’ goals, forget your own goals and lose touch with yourself. Your vision board is there to remind you of your vision and your truest goals. See it as a friendly nudge in the right direction towards your ideal life.
  3. It drives you towards your goals. Simply looking at your vision board for just 1-2 minutes has the power to shift your state and drive you to take action on your goals. I know when I look at my own boards each time, I immediately remember what I want (and if I already know it, it crystallizes the mental image further) and why I want them. It reawakens that part of me that drove me to create the board in the first place; the part of me who seeks to be the highest self and to live my best life.

For me personally, i pretend vision board as my dreams visualization supporting tools, my energy resource to pursue my dreams.

3rd Challenge From Celes

Create Your Vision Board

Are you ready to create your very own vision board of your truest dreams? :D

If you already have a vision board of sorts, take this chance to update / refresh your board! Your vision board should house your biggest goals and dreams in your life. It represents your highest vision of what it takes to live your best life.

  1. Get your corkboard and thumbtacks ready! If you’re making your vision board in soft copy, decide if you’re doing it in excel or in word, or any other document. I recommend having both a soft copy and hard copy for your vision board.
  2. Take a few minutes to review the ideal life you wrote down yesterday and get into the state when you wrote it.
  3. Now, visualize how your ideal life looks like as best as you can, on all 5 senses.
  4. Get on the web and find pictures that best match your vision (Google Images and Flickr are good places to start)! As you find the pictures, focus on end outcomes. For example if you have a vision to be thin and athletic, having pictures of trim and fit people is more empowering than the picture of someone running. Also look for images that trigger the right emotions. This process might take a while depending on the images that come up – I know I can take quite some time to find the images I want. Whatever it is, don’t rush through this! The most important thing is to find the right images that convey your desired emotion and  mental image.
  5. Get as many images as you can. Make sure all your biggest goals are represented and ensure that other goals are covered too. Don’t leave any stone unturned!
  6. As you find the images, collate them. Print them out, cut them and start arranging them on your corkboard. Portion them out based on how important the goal is – the more important goals should have bigger space allocation; they should also take the center placements on the board. This should take about 30 minutes.
  7. After you’re done creating the board, put this up in a place you will see every day. My soft copy is open all the time on my computer and the physical copy of my board is beside my bed. I also have the images on the noticeboard in front of me :D .
  8. From now on, schedule at least 10 minutes at the start of every day in your calendar to review your vision board and visualizing your goals coming to life

Complete instruction from Celes can be seen here.

My Vision Board Members

I’ll put some images of my vision board here. (FYI, i get these pictures from Google Images and Flickr, as Celes suggest :p)

Dan Brown and His Lost Symbol

First, the picture of Dan Brown, one of the best Sci-Fi Novels author nowadays. I hope, someday, i will become an author just like him, no matter what genre of books i will write about. But, basically, i love Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fiction like Harry Potter.

Jake Neely Books Launching

Regarding my wish to become an author, of course, someday, i would like to have my own books launching events, crowded with people, and maybe i will sign all of the book sold there :p

Amazon Images

The image above shows us one of Amazon workers. Nowadays, we know Amazon.com as the biggest online store in the world. Someday, i would like to have similar-like-that online store that sell stuffs around the world.

Princeton University

Image of Princeton University in USA. I would like to be able to continue my study there.

School Building

For my contribution to society, i would like to build schools that are dedicated to poor and unfortunate children, where they can experience a beautiful nice childhood and education there. Of course, it’s free of charge 🙂

Trees of Wealth

Not to be naive, we live in a world that need money to buy something. So, i would like to have business, or pasive income, that can be source of my wealthy. I would like to achieve financial freedom, so that i will be able to make a contribution to the other parts of my life after that. Money is not everything, but still it’s important to make your life easier.

Happy Family

With all money, possessions you have, it’s true that your life can be happy. But, a Happy Family will make your life even perfect. It can not be exchanged with everything in this world. So yes, i would love to have a nice happy family, which i love and be loved there.

Well, those are some of my vision board images.

What my Vision Board Looks Like ?

I haven’t bought the corkboard yet. I think, i will just print the images, and stick it onto the wall in front of my working desk, assuring i will see it everyday. But, i already made the ‘soft copy’ of it. It’s an collection of all images, combining into one digital vision board. It is in JPEG format, and i will use it as my laptop wallpaper, remembering that i mostly spend my time work and do other stuff on my laptop. So, the chance to be seen is higher. And of course, i can bring my vision board easily whenever i want to go with my laptop :p. In the weekend, maybe, i will print and hang my images on my wall, of course in larger size than 15″ laptop display size. This vision board is not ‘permanent’, so whenever i think i will need to change some of them, i will just open up the PSD file, edit it, and change my wallpaper again. But, this first edition of my vision board, for me personally, is quite fun 🙂

Vision Board Wallpaper

Well, that’s my 3rd Challenge. Done!

Look forward to 4th task tomorrow, and now i will better go with my action plans :p