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#399: Personal Development Stuff

Yesterday, i found a nice blog, which i categorized into a personal development blog.. If you want to see it, just click, or just click ‘The Personal Excellence’ link in the right side of this blog.. The blog itself titled The Personal Excellence, with the purpose to bring us, the readers, to reach the conscious state of what we are.. It’s a nice blog anyway 🙂 and i love to read it..

Well, after reading so many things about personal development, maybe this is the right time for me to discuss about personal development itself. Some also said self-motivational, self-improvement, or anything else, but i see the same point of those, it’s made to make a better us as human being. Let’s say some title which i think can be included as PD (Personal Development): The Secret, 7 habits of highly effective people, Think and Grow Rich, and so many of them.. you can also call Anthony Robbins, or specially from Indonesia: Tung Desem Waringin and Mario Teguh.. they are motivators, beside, they offer something to make us a better man.. well, that’s the PD..

I read PD stuff since (maybe) 14 y/o, when i was on junior high school. But of course, in my age, i specifically buy ‘For Teens’ books, (Mizan publishers’ was the most i have..) well i love reading, so i love books too 🙂 besides, in that time, i don’t have internet at my home, so the best resource i can read is books.. (but now, i have internet, and still i buy so many books :p ).. in that age, i don’t notice that those are PD books.. I just want to read something about teenage, because it’s said that teenage is one of the strangest phase in your life.. (and i think i could surpass that phase w/o big problems)..

Ever since, i getting more and more love self-motivation and PD books.. I admit that, yes, i maybe haven’t done 100% of what is written in those books.. there’s a lot of nice things there, but it just too much if we take it all.. so i decided to pick what’s the best suited me then.. Some things which almost discussed in every PD is :

  • time management
  • self management
  • self-purposes in life
  • relationship
  • and so on…

Well, maybe that’s the writers see as the biggest human problem nowadays (and maybe it’s true).. But the question is, why we love to read that kind of stuffs ?

  1. Of course, we are human, imperfect human being, so that we need something to make us better person day by day..
  2. We love to encourage ourself to our highest quality.. so we need to improve ourself with personal development.
  3. We got problems, so we need to change ourself, with the help of PD stuffs.

there are so many unique, individual reasons, beside the 3 reasons above.. you can share yours in this blog if you like :)..

Of course it’s good to read PD stuff, isn’t it ? don’t hesitate to spend your little time reading it, unless you feel your life is perfect now :p.. I’ve read (routinely) some nice blogs about PD:

You can also click them on the right side titled ‘Personal Development Stuff I Read’.. If i find another new blogs about this, i will add the links there too, so that all the readers can also find that good sites and together we can improve ourselves..

well thats all about what i want to share.. let yourself develop and improve yourself ^^