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#258 : 3D room 1 finalized

well i have finalized the room.. hehe.. with addition : desk in the left, wastebin, and the cabinet above the desk..

the table in the middle, in front of the sofa, should be transparent (using glass material), but because we haven’t gone to material section, yah… just a plain box.. o ya, all of this done by basic shape loh.. hehe.. don’t imagine me using such a high class technique :p .. it’s just the 1st meeting exercise.. ^^

Room 1 Finalized

Room 1 Finalized


hmm i think this was an ironic.. i finished my 3D although not necessary.. but i haven’t finished studying Mandarin test for tonight + Mikro exam and task for tomorrow, also Web Mining + PCD in Thursday, Simod in Friday.. such a long list of homework T_T and it could be worse if today is not holiday.. hehehe.. because tuesday is the worst day in a week T_T.. but next week, our school will not have course (due to Dies Natalis) + the practice will be over.. horrayy.. hehehe.. one month left to final exam.. counting project :

Multimedia (develop website)

PCD (image enhancement using Fourier Transform)

Web Mining (crawler ? haven’t published yet what is the final project)

Data Mining (make an engine to help curation of Biomedical Literature automatically.. this is the hardest i guess, because this was the task of KDD Cup, a Data Mining anual competition with world class task T_T so if we did it, we are a world class student hhahaha.. but we do asked to ask the winner’s algorithm or source code.. not embarassing, remembering that we are student, not a professional data miners),

DIU : clear enough.. ‘read’ a newspaper from paper to computer files… cooollll.. but i think there is not enough time T_T

ADS : make a plan and analysis for system.. quite easy .. just theoretical ^^

Other additional job : chinese music exercise for show 15 Dec, Cadenza project that should be finished before the end of year, join a team of Logic Challenge as ‘panitia’ with the same position as i was in last IG (materi, related to distributing and handling the questions T_T but now not as coordinator, just as member hehehe.. the coordinator is the special one :p)..

the worst, time left only 1 month T_T what a busy november..but let us face our trouble then ^^