Daily Life

#197 : where is the good day ?

been wondering, where is my good days ? it seems that they has left away for a long time, and left me down with the bad days.. well okay, it’s not bad days, but exhausting and thoughtful days.. even i can’t understand some easy things in chat room.. what a mess..

today – wake up 8 am.. went to school 10.30.. gave revised practice questions and get accepted.. then had a class (ADS) and the lecturer gave us 2 homeworks.. wew.. due to next week.. then ate at uni, went home, slept.. 2.30 went to uni again.. 3.45 start my practice (PBO).. wew.. 6.15 Microprocessor practice.. show very poor performance, just earn 50% of maximal score.. even i can’t think structurally to code in a ‘quite strange’ language of programming.. even my 100% condition still doesn’t guarantee me to get 100% mark, how my 50% condition will give me mark then ? hohoho..

what the hell….

so many thoughts inside my head.. just flew away.. makes me dizzy.. but i realize that i won’t want to escape from them.. coz i think escaping is not solving the problem.. so ? honestly, they have started to erote my physical condition ^^ and remember, thoughts manifest things.. if i have a tired mind, of course i will have tired body.. damnn!!!..

yeah just live my life lah.. yes it is in a negative trends.. but i believe that my position (which now under the wheel) will sooner turn up again.. if the principle say that our life is like a spinning wheel, sometimes we are in the top condition, sometime in bottom.. accept the rule of life..

will this be happily ever after ? yeah.. just hope so..