Daily Life

#187 : another corel task – wallpaper

OMG.. drawing really isn’t easy.. okay.. drawing is easy one but not the coloring and compositioning to make it a balanced image.. wew..

the theme of my Corel task is flora, flowers.. hehe.. not because i’m a feminist, but because i learned from the book ‘Design flora with Corel’ ohohoho.. but i can say using flowers isn’t a bad idea.. even it’s interesting to use leaves, roots, flowers, all flora part to make a digital image.. but i don’t like this job very much.. urrgghhh.. cost me my sleeping time..

mine :

i’m supposed to finish my PBO practice question, PKA prac question + this wallpaper.. but i haven’t done the PKA one.. OMG.. this wallpaper really cost me a lot of time.. hehehe..