Daily Life

#149 : The Secret for Speedy hehehe

hmm this holiday, i was intending to change my ‘limited’ internet connection (using Speedy) into the unlimited one.. because me and my sis looks like can not hold our hand to browse and download everything in this boring holiday he4.. but i’m so lazy to go to the office of Telkom, to handle this changing application.. so, from 2 weeks ago, today i just decided to go to the Telkom office tomorrow..

but guess what, i have just been called by Speedy promotion officer that offered me the latest promo, free for July and 50% disc from Aug-Nov wow what a great deal rite he4.. time to change to unlimited :p

the point is not my speedy change, but i just see how my applied ‘The Secret power’ worked.. hhaahaha.. i’m not arrogant by writing this, but for people who believe in ‘The Secret’, this thing will be just a normal.. for those who don’t believe, they will say that it just a coincident, accident, but according to Master Oogway (in Kungfu Panda :p) there are no accidents (in Indo – tidak ada sesuatu yang kebetulan) .. believing in my mind power is my habit :p.. hehehe..