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weekend again

hmm it’s been a week since i last wrote ( i guess )..

well i’m not so busy that i couldn’t write, but just don’t have something to write about ^^

today theme is ‘rubber-time’ or in Indo we called Jam Karet..

i felt it so disturbing because i’m a scheduler person, and today, my schedule was really-really messed up just because one thing got delayed ( because of human error ) and it implicated quite much things.. because, the delayed event was in the middle ( in the afternoon ) so it meant that i should change all of my schedule after the afternoon.. and the delay was taking almost an hour.. urrgghhhh… 1/24 day..

but i believe that every body in Indo ( almost every body ) understand that culture.. for example, if you are invited to the party ( with ‘ 6.00 pm ‘ on the invitation ), i surely believe that you would choose to come at 6.30 or 7.00 because you have already noticed that usually the party started at that time.. what makes me feel curious is why the inviter still write the time that they know it’s not the exact time of the starting time.. i think the reason is just a culture that let you write 6 pm on invitation, but start the party at 7 pm…

well i think if we want to be a ‘modern’ country, we should eliminate this culture.. and even we can say it is not a professionalism to let guest waiting / let someone else waiting in fact you already knew that it will be started later or you have bad preparation that makes some delay..

i’m not a 100% accurate person in time, but i do hope sometimes this culture will be gone away…