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Indonesia’s Uber Team is facing China in Uber Cup Final

yes, after waiting for about 10 years, Uber Team of Indonesia is having their first final.. hmm, this few years, the woman badminton players seems to get so much difficulties to compete with other word-class competitor, especially from China ( i like Xie Xing Fang — cooll – Lin Dan’s Girlfriend ).. but from last year, Women Team of Indonesia made a lot of progress.. They won all the gold medals in Sea Games 2007 in Thailand, group + individuals.. great isn’t it.. although nobody predict that Uber Team will be able to have their final..

Facing the Giants, yes it is.. We will face China ( and i think if Thomas Team also able to road the final, they will face China too ^^ ) yeah but maybe there is a miracle again because yesterday, Xie Xing Fang, the world champion, lost against Yao Jie from Dutch ( although Dutch Team couldn’t finish with maximum result )..

Viva Indonesia..