Daily Life

#112 : lazy post, SDP, independent learning

really i couldn’t find a reason to keep me writing.. phew.. is all of this because of projects ?? well, i don’t (really) want to use ‘tasks, projects’ as my reason not to do something i like ^^ if i can handle the situation.. but i guess writing a little is better than no at all :p

today : – do SDP project – report, help.. music practice.. watched f1.. really as usual as my SUnday recently ^^..

i just downloaded Shalom Help Maker to make my iLib help section… really, for this SDP, if you participate well in your group, you will get a lot of new things.. for me (and my group), we should study by ourself (mostly by my friend, Felix), how to use Installshield to make Installer, using mySQL (client server programming), Help Maker ( i use this to make Help part ), and so on.. i called this independent learning.. ho4.. bcause we do learning from Help or asking seniors who have used the programs.

well nothing to say.. have to finish my Help..

promise, after my exam ( approx 13 June ), i will give a colorful post again he4.. because its hard to think of colorful things when you have so much pressure to getting things done..