Daily Life

#110 : sms with han zi

tonight, i did a very new, challenging activity.. using hanzi to write and read SMS ^^.. of course, i try it with my special one ( not The Special One Jose Mourinho.. just my special one. ) because she has studied mandarin / chinese language much longer than me, so i think i should see her as my teacher ^^ but i am accompanied by a English – Chinese dictionary.. ho4..

writing sms normally – in Indo – will take 1-2 minute ( if i need to think a new topic ), i can write w/o seeing my handphone, and if it just short answer, it even dont take longer time than 5 sec ^^..

writing in English – if i should pay attention to grammar, will cost me approx 3-5 min.. but i don’t see any problem of using English..

writing in Chinese – totally messed up.. average time to write 1 SMS – 12 minutes.. should search at dictionary first to translate what she wrote to me, than i should search in my memory (i usually study mandarin, esp han zi in short term memory, just for exam he4.. so they go away after exam :p ).. but it’s a nice thing to try..