Daily Life


changes on wordpress admin/author side layout huh made me felt as if in a strange place ^^

but of course my blog layout hasn’t changed.. only the author side ( which the wordpress developer think is a better layout ^^ )

hmm yesterday i spent my time a lot outside of house.. From 10 am, i went to STTS for Cisco Training and it took almost 4 hours to complete 1 exam and 2 practices.. and that means only 1 exam left before FINAL EXAM !! he4.. i intend to take my final exam ( theory + practice ) on the next 2 weeks… because the schedule for the following week is to finish the last exam of module 7 + practice module 6-7.. the 7th module will be the most interesting topic as it provide some wireless LAN configuration yippie..

then continued with going to Sutos ( surabaya town square ) with friends to watch ‘Three Kingdom’ which the story is a fragment of a long legendary story of Chinese, San Guo ( Sam Kok ) but unfortunately not a such good ending 🙁 .. i want to see the complete series of San Guo ( in film ) which i think i have seen it when i was kid and now i never seen them again.. But it’s such a great great story with many moral values and strategies inside of it…

today – started the day with 1 hour exercise in Atlas.. then at 1 pm had a music practice.. we got 3 new friends ^^ hope we can do better with more people 🙂