Daily Life

perfect happy ending of the week

yesterday (Friday ) : was out of home for about a day ^^ in d morning i played dota with friends till afternoon.. won 2 times ^^ great job for all team members, then continued with last practice of my music group ( almost took 5 hours ) and after going home, very tired of course.. but expected a lot for today…

today ( Sat ) :

i can say that today was the peak of my series of underpressure and understressed moments for 1-2 weeks.. and luckily, it worked well..yippie.. got a lot of photos too.. but i will share it in my friendster.. ^^..


we played 8 songs, where 6 of them is a new song ( new partiture ) for me and i only have a week to practice ( ooo my god really hard, i needed to take away my school activities for this event ^^ my result for this week wasn’t too good, couldn’t split my concentration so well :p .. this event was a designature ( peringatan – red ^^ ) of International Women Day and held by PRC ( People Republic of China ) Consulate General in Surabaya… beside our performance, there was a fashion show of Chinese traditional clothes…very rare ( i think ) chance to do this performance he4.. i really glad i join this music group although i need to study harder to follow others performance levels..

i’m so satisfied that my performance was a lot better than before, i could finish 90% of my part.. and at least, give contribution to group’s performance in general.. not like before where i even couldn’t stand my ruan ( my instrument, like small guitar ) and i just only able to play half of my part 🙁

i hope i can maintain this kind of spirit to finish all of my problem for the following days later on.. got a lot more stuffs to do…

keep living ^^