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err this week was a change from ‘pig year’ to ‘rat year’ in Chinese Astrology.. we call it Imlek or in Mandarin we call it chun jie – chun means spring, shows that a new year has come as the spring has come.. a cold winter has gone, a warm spring has come.. time to celebrate new cycle of year..

well i did a same tradition of Imlek from year to year, come to my families house although it’s really a few of them in Surabaya.. majority of them are in tarakan and i heard it’s so crowded in there in this kind of moment..

school – had a holiday since thursday.. monday – interviewed new ashor ( honorary assistant , somehow in Indonesia there are so many words that if translated to English become so weird ^^ ) and that made me absent in comp graphics class..tuesday – i should prepare public speeking text for this tuesday uurrgghh..

thats all from previous week…