Daily Life

Busy Semester

hmm this week was rather normal.. but i’m afraid that this normal week will disappear from the following week hikz… well maybe i should think positively that having some things to do is better than nothing…

o ya i got my target fulfilled which i got IP 4.0 for last semester.. yey.. but well once is enough than never wkwkwkkw and maybe i can repeat this achievement but as i though that IP is not so important, i will just try to do my best… well it’s because this semester will be much busier than last sem and i wanna try to still live a life normally wakkakaka… but u must know that it isn’t my showing of arrogancy he4 me myself realize that there are much people smarter + cleverer than me, for example some name whose blog’s link is displayed on this blog too ^^ maybe i’m just lucky with that 4.0

this afternoon i had a party with another astep ( lab assistant ) ate so much delicious ( and expensive ) food at Fu Yuan but thanks God it’s 50% discounted wkwkwkwkkw… hope this party will be enough to spirit us to work for a semester..