hmmm another weekend..

started the day with going to Gloria and played warcraft with friends.. ate roasted chicken.. then took a nap.. after that just watched TV..

in the evening, i finished reading my 2 new books, which are Nayla ( by Djenar Maesa Ayu )  + Be Negative ( by Naomi Susan )  well i just speed-read them and i got what they want to tell so maybe i will re-read them again someday.. hmmm that’s my reading style ^^..well i give you some opinions about those books.

Be Negative is a ‘strange-titled’ book but if you have read it, you will understand that the authors really want you to demolish all of your negative emotion such as easily giving up something, jealous for another success, miss all of the ease to grab the success.. it also completed with some stories and full of great quotes in almost every page of it.. so i’ll guess it is quite a useful book, but the use value of a book is depended by the reader also.. I personally just like to watch this kind of book but i didn’t feel as if it was the best book.. it just a good book from all the books i’ve ever read..

Nayla is an expressive novel that segmented for adult reader because it has many vulgar + ‘sexual’ words and in fact it told us about a woman abusal.. so i guess no wonder they use the word such ‘va….’ and so on so many times.. i ain’t bothered by the use of the words as i can see the clear story ( though the storyline quite scrambled ) .. this book is quite appropriate for those who has a mature thought ( including me ?? ^^ ) because it has a different point of view from woman side and it will cause a new thought in reader’s mind, so if you don’t feel ready to read a quite controversial book ( although it isn’t as controversial as some books like Dan Browns’ who combined science fiction + religion side ) please do not read it and also not recommended for under 16 :]

after reading some of those books, i ( finally ) make my holiday plan/schedule because i unlikely to go somewhere, rather than wasting time, i guess i can spend my time wisely by doing many activities i will not be able to do as comfort as in holiday time..

for next semester i also have made some objectives to achieve although i haven’t made resolutions yet.. it is not final resolution, just a draft..

that was my yesterday.. not too interesting but not too boring also..