Daily Life

First week of 2008

hmmm i don’t see any wanted changes in my life for the very first time of 2008 and yes i got upset with myself.. but i still have 51 weeks again before i should make another resolution rite ^^ so i guess i’ll try to be better day by day.

well so many things happened in this beginning of a new year, which i think it will be more and more colorful as the time walking.. the worst thing happened in Indonesia rite now is a very big big flood crushed some villages and cities.. well that’s really horrible until now, a lot of people couldn’t live normally, eat instant food ( if there is any ) wow it seemed that this country is doomed because every new year celebration in capital city is contrary to some far away places which has been hit by natural disaster.. we’ll never forget the Tsunami in Aceh, Lapindo Mud in Sidoarjo and so on, and now, ( * correct me if i’m wrong ) this flood is not caused by natural disaster, but caused by Bengawan Solo River whose water flow to land because its water too much and some dams ( * bendungan ) didn’t work well.. so that’s human error rite.. and we can’t just say this is God’s exam, test or so on ( * Ujian dari Tuhan ) because it seems that this country only able to blame God for all of those disasters. Why don’t we learn from Japan who has been hit by Tsunami, Tornados, Earthquake but they never blame God, instead they always look a new way to handle all of those things..

well okay thats enough of that sad story ^^ he4..

o ya lately i’ve been so amazed with the ‘Orchestra’, western and eastern.. i like it because they are so terrific and if we see many musical instruments follow the same rules and same songs, it is really really nice to hear.. and because i’m a part of a small orchestra, i spent this holiday about 2 hours/day to practice about 6 songs ^^ but i have to admit that it isn’t easy.. but it’s time to hard work.

yeah this year theme of my life will become ‘a smart hard work’ that show my willingness to hard work, but in smart way.. efficient and effective ^^..

actually nothing special happened to me this week.. but i will start to write blog routinely from now.. daily series ^^..