My Journal

been so long since last time posted blog…
well i just traced what i’ve done since sunday then
Sunday —
hmm went to GYM and then joined dong fang chinese orchest practice.. well there were 2 mandarin teachers there, one of them can play ‘gu zheng’ dunno how to say it in English ( ‘kecapi’ in Indo )… combined with the ‘seruling’ and ‘er hu’ ( chinese violin ) i think the result was quite tremoring my soul wew.. so great and it only did by 3 people, imagine if there was a complete chinese orchest group.. he4.. i wanna take some part as soon as possible too…

Monday —
quite ordinary nothing special

Tuesday —
hmm surprising announcement that 9 am – 12 am lesson been cancelled for this whole week and that time allocated to accomodate those who need practice and exercise for Dies Natalis Event on Saturday such as the choir and theater. Mandarin level 6 has come and i got the same teacher..he4..

Wednesday —
wake up late in the morning sleep was good ho4… then follow AdIns recruitment test and on the following day, i must follow the other psychology test… i will explain about AdIns on other post..