Chinese Culture

hmmm lately been so attracted to all related to chinese : chinese language, chinese old story, chinese philosophy, chinese musical instruments..

don’t you think chinese is a very ‘rich’ country, not just economically but also in culture ? well i think so…
chinese can be great as now of course it cause by some strategy or wiseness that has been inherited from the old to the young and so on from thousand years before until now..

chinese language is very interesting to study although it is quite difficult but if you just pretend it like learning a new language you like and you want, i guess it difficulties can be compromised.

for chinese musical instruments, some of them just like the others ordinary music instruments.. mine was shaped like smaller Spanish Guitar, others like violin, bass guitar, ciello and so on but of course in chinese shape.. all of them can produce really really great sound if combined well…

Chinese Philosophy : i think they as good as the western ( such as Greeks and Romans ) and even now some western use many chinese wisdow literatures such as Sun Tzu and Kong Fu Zi’s….

the result of all of those is a nation which now in the frontest line to face the US hegemony and later India will join with it to make a more stable world without one dominators..