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#235 : the worst UTS : simod

yeah i don’t know what’s wrong with Mr Baskoro taught subject (Graph Theory, Math 2, Modelling and Simulation).. but the mark seems do not satisfying. My Graph Theory mid exam got 40.. My Math 2 mid got 60.. and today, i even didn’t want to count my Simod (Simulation and Modelling).. maybe just got around 40 (i only finished 1/3 questions perfectly.. the other 0.5/3 also done, but don’t know whether it will be given some mark or not)..

but, so strange, my final result is quite surprising.. Math – A, Graph Theory – B.. don’t think that i had a better final exam, i didn’t think so.. it was as bad as my mid.. yeah.. don’t know and don’t want to know how the final result is counted.. hehehe.. (many manipulation ? )..

but the point, i think 3 subjects above is not too important (for me individually) so that i just target myself not to fail (min. C in final result)..

and no doubt, the worst UTS for this semester is going to be the Simod (same as Graph Theory in 2nd sem.. where almost all of students don’t know what to do with the exam T_T *honestly)..