Daily Life

#234 : lazier and lazier

yeah i’m getting lazier and lazier.. all of this stuff are boring.. hohoho.. even i’m so lazy to write a post.. coz really nothing special T_T

monday : observed (have anyone has a better word for ‘jaga ujian’ in English ? observe sounds so weird T_T) 2 exams, 10.30 (conceptual drawing, DKV subject.. 2,5 hr.. damn.. so boring.. watched other was drawing in their paper.. while i didn’t do anything interesting).. 13.00 (Logistic Management, SIB subject, the other 1,5 hr boring time..).. then continued by watching Ficky’s Final Project presentation (titled Evolutionary Neural Network for Bagha Chall AI) and yes i do not understand Neural Network at all.. soo.. just watched as a normal person, not as IT or CS person.. hehe.. quite complicated.. even i haven’t taken my AI class.. while i think 90% people in that room understand the basic AI (like pruning, minimax.. oow damnn what are those things.. should wait till next semester).. preparation for Web Mining at nite.. but lately i found that there just a little thing to study for.. the material only consist of about 15 pages.. and i haven’t taken a note in class.. damn.. seemed so dark.. but i never thought that i will fail.. yes i’m lazy, but i still can be a triumphant rite.. hehehe.. becoz i never imagine being a loser in doing everything.. although maybe the result is not like what exactly i want at the beginning, but to be confidence is good (but not overconfidence) and it’s better if it followed by perfect preparation.. but at least, try to convince yourself that you can do it..

Tuesday : Web Mining Exam – well i supposed it really easy if you have prepared it so well.. everything was on our assignment, our slide.. but i haven’t prepared well.. so i think i’m quite satisfied with my job yesterday.. hoho.. although so many mistakes, but it was worth with my minimum effort ^^.. 10.30 – observe Management Exam.. and that time i forcing myself to read ADS (analysis and Design System) book.. so that i didn’t waste my time.. but it didn’t work properly i think.. phew.. can’t concentrate to keep reading because i’m not in the mood of studying.. hehe.. 19.30 – had a mandarin test.. also with minimum preparation.. forgotten some han zis.. but overall it was okay.. hehehe..

and today i should force my self again not to waste my time too much.. hohoho..