change again

today i finally noticed that i don’t really like what we call ‘databases, applications and so on’ yeah very ironic remembering that all of those are basic skill of programmers ya.. but i do totally fall in love with ‘networking’ especially Cisco… so that’s why i change my plan again. at first, i want to take Oracle training in my school.. but it isn’t what i really want to study deeply.. besides, it is quite expensive for something that i’m not too interested in.. i would say that i can use that money to deepen my knowledge in networking and spending a lot of my time to practice on what i more interested in.

hmm well i don’t hate databases and applications as almost all of the teacher said that we should start as a programmer by making an application mostly related to database.. simple one, accounting or market cashier system.. me myself see that i still need some of those skills because in Indonesia, it’s hard to find a job as network engineer than application programmer.. so i think rite now my career is on abroad ^^ o yeah. in general i don’t like Information System which is very2 related to databases.. omg.. databases everywhere, select everywhere, SQL everywhere he4… so definitely i will take Computer Science major combined with some internet-related subjects..

so this is my plan.. i’m gonna straight through my CCIE, and become a multiple CCIE in next 10 years ^^ multi while 1 CCIE itself can kill me ? ho4.. yes i think i should give a try.. in fact, this is the 4 CCIE holder, Scott Moris said :

‘There are 12,004 active CCIEs in the world (plus 1,361 inactive ones). So, once you pass an exam, you’ve become one of those 12,000 jobseekers. On the other hand, if you were to get a second CCIE you would be one out of 541 special people to hold two CCIE titles.

If you were to pass a third CCIE, you would be one of only 81 people in the entire world who have three or more CCIE certifications. Only 12 people have four or more CCIEs. Only three people have five or more. You see how it works? In a tough economic climate, it’s all about making yourself stand out from the crowd.’

wow really fantastic and challenging isn’t it..

yeah thats all..

report-making is waiting for me.. damn.. i don’t like this job he4…. everybody has its own hobby isn’t it.. some like ‘select * from … ‘, some like ‘<php>’ , but i prefer ‘ enable router ‘ he4..